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7 Factors to Consider Before You Buy Window Covers

Window treatments are great ways to enhance the look of your windows. They come in different styles, colors, and designs that will fit your specific needs. If you are in the market for new window covers, The BlindBroker recommends you consider the following factors:

1. Privacy – Some window treatments in Shawnee, KS or Kansas City, MO can block out the view entirely or partially. You should prioritize privacy in bedrooms or bathrooms, for example.

2. Light control – If you want to prevent daylighting in rooms, opt for drapery panels and shades. This type of treatments is also ideal in public spaces like living and dining rooms.

3. Insulation – This is important if you have old homes or drafty windows. You can opt for insulating fabrics or use multiple treatments for a cozy indoor environment.

4. Mounting location – Although there is no right way to mount window treatments, positioning can affect how your windows look. If you mount covers on the inside, the decorative molding around the windows becomes visible. If you place covers on the outside, light will not show around the edges.

5. Interfering architectural highlights or hardware – Cranks and other decorative hardware might get in the way of your custom blinds in Kansas City, MO. Wide windows can also limit your choice of window cover.

6. Style – You can choose from numerous styles for your window treatments. When choosing patterns, try to visualize how it will play out with other components inside the room.

7. Movement options – Your drapes or blinds can move up or down and can come cordless or in a continuous loop. For convenience, you can opt for motorized controls.

These factors can help you choose the right window treatment for your home. Professional contractors like The BlindBroker can also help you decide on which materials and style work best for your windows. We can measure your windows so you can get the right-sized blinds, drapes, and shutters. We also carry products from the top manufacturers in the industry, including Springs Windows Fashion and Graber®.

If you want to learn more about window covers, call us today at (913) 669-0616. You can also request for a free quote when you fill out our contact form.