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3 Considerations When Choosing Your Curtains

Shopping for curtains may seem like an easy thing to do. Nevertheless, there’s actually a lot that goes into buying the right coverings for your windows.

elegant bedroom window curtain

As the premier window treatment company in Wichita, KS, The BlindBroker advises homeowners who need curtains, but absolutely have no clue on what to get. While guiding you with your choice is our job, it pays to know some basics. This will let you know where to start. Here are some of your considerations:

Function First

Contrary to popular belief, style should be an afterthought. With the overwhelming selection of window treatments on the market, the best way to narrow down your search is to focus on function to begin with. Do you need drapes to increase your level of privacy and block the sun when necessary, or just for decorative purposes? Answering this question alone tells you whether you need lined or unlined curtains. The former is ideal for covering the view and natural light, while the latter would do just for enhancing your interior.

At The BlindBroker, we have different window treatments that will suit your unique needs and preferences. Regardless of the function you want, we have the right option for it.

Room Mood

When it comes to picking the fabric and color, consider where you’ll hang your curtains. Some draperies complement formal spaces, while other window treatments in Kansas City, MO, deliver a casual feel. If you don’t want your curtains to pop, make them blend by choosing a color of the same palette with the walls, just a couple of shades darker. Bold hues, on the other hand, will make your curtains arresting.

In terms of prints and patterns, make sure your curtains contrast your bedding or furniture. Ff your bed covering is already patterned, your curtains should have a solid color.

Height and Width

Unlike when going with custom blinds in Overland Park, KS, curtains have many measurement considerations. Drapes that touch the floor are in these days, but they’re not the best choice if you’ll be opening and closing them often.

To determine the apt width, your curtains should be two to two and a half times the width of your window if you intend to shut them. If you only want to hang them and frame your window, however, one and a half times the width would do.

Let The BlindBroker guide you every step of the way. Call us now at (913) 562-2333, and tell us more about your curtain needs and preferences.