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Window Treatments: All About Draperies and Shades

Looking for ways to create a cozy hideaway or block the sun’s rays during naptime? Transforming your space is as easy as applying window treatments to your interior. However, with more options on the market than ever before, choosing the right window treatment can be a bit overwhelming for many homeowners.

Window Treatments

Fortunately, The BlindBroker® is here to recommend the right options. Draperies and shades are among the most popular window treatments in Kansas City, MO, and we can help you maximize their unique features.


If you want to improve your privacy without sacrificing natural lighting, installing draperies is the solution. This type of window treatment offers privacy while still allowing light to penetrate and brighten up your interior. This can also help you save on energy bills, since it reduces your reliance on artificial lighting.

As the go-to window treatment company in Wichita, KS, we share the things you need to consider when planning to use draperies:

  • Desired Level of Privacy – This will help you select the right fabric to use, which can range from sheer linens to solid cottons.
  • Pleat Style – It plays a huge part in the look your draperies create. Be sure to choose a style that will complement the overall feel of your home.
  • Length – To achieve a neat look even if your drapes aren’t custom-made, good proportions are the key. The most popular length is to have them just grazing the floor.


Designed to be more structured than drapes, shades can bring character to windows that sit high off the floor. They also work well on windows that are narrow and divided into multiple segments. Like custom blinds in Overland Park, KS, they can diffuse or block out light depending on their style.

Two of the most common types are Roman and cellular shades. Roman shades roll up evenly but remain smooth when they cover your windows fully. You can choose to combine them with drapes if you want a more aesthetically appealing design. Cellular shades, on the other hand, have pleats that look like honeycomb when you view them from the side. They have clean, minimalistic look and great insulation features.

If you need help selecting a window treatment that fits your home, get in touch with The BlindBroker today. We offer a wide range of coverings, including plantation shutters, blinds, draperies, and shades. Give us a call at (913) 669-0616 or complete our form to get started.