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Cornices & Top Treatments

Dress Up Your Windows with Custom Fabric & Wood Cornices

Can you imagine a home with no windows? Of course not! Yet with the emphasis that so many place on having as many windows as they can in their homes, it often surprises us here at the Blind Broker how little attention is paid to maximizing the design value of them. Your interior design should definitely include much more than simply adding a privacy layer. A decorative wood or fabric cornice adds beauty and style to your existing window treatments, and, they also look fabulous on their own!

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Graber ® Artisan Top Treatments Complete Your Look

Added features such as custom fabric & wood cornices in Greater Kansas City MO, Overland Park KS, or Lawrence KS, can help enhance the appearance of your windows. You’d be surprised at how something as simple as adding a custom fabric cornice box or wood cornice can dramatically change the entire atmosphere of a room. The true brilliance of these accents is how they can mask other design flaws in a space. Here a just a few examples:

  • Small windows can be made to look much bigger by simply mounting drapery panels high and wide against them and then topping of the design with custom cornice.
  • Are your windows hung lower than you like? Filling in the space between the top of the windows and the ceiling with a cornice gives the room a look of elevation.
  • Accent walls are becoming all the rage, yet without other design elements to tie them into the rest of the room, they can create too much contrast. The ideal valance-drapery combination can help tie disjointed design elements such as this together.

Your Ideal Interior Design Scheme is Just a Phone Call Away

Unlocking the design potential of your windows needn’t be overly complicated; you simply need to find a window treatment company in Greater Kansas City, Overland Park KS, or Lawrence KS that knows how to match the right design aspects to your home’s interior. You’ve found it with us here at the Blind Broker. Our mission is simple: we make windows beautiful. The right custom fabric or wood cornice can do just that. Let us help you find it by calling us at 913-669-0616. Or, if you prefer, simply fill out our online contact form and someone from our office will get back to you at your earliest convenience.