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Stylish and Functional Window Treatments to Consider

The style of your window coverings should also ensure functionality. When the two work hand in hand, you can make your spaces better in many ways. As the premier window treatment company in Olathe, KS, The BlindBroker recommends the modern treatments to make your windows the focal point of your space, while putting a premium on utility. Draw inspiration from these great ideas:

Window Treatments

Folding Shutters

The traditional plantation shutters are nearly universal, but they wouldn’t treat modern glass walls and wide gliding windows. The apt solution is to make your shutters fold from one end to another. It’s a unique way to cover fixtures with expansive views. You can easily retract them to enjoy wonderful panoramas and invite more light in. With adjustable louvers, you get more flexibility.

Pattern-Heavy Drapes

Pattern is a major consideration when it comes to window treatments in Kansas City, MO. Too little makes your space dull. On the other hand, too much may be heavy to the eye.

While the usual formula pairing solid coverings with patterned beddings in bedrooms, or vice versa, feel free to use patterns for both. Nevertheless, you have to be careful with the implementation to avoid having overwhelming elements in your design.

Large, Motorized Shades or Blinds

Motorization is a handy addition for any window treatment, especially when it comes to outdoor coverings. If you want to screen your porch, hanging tailored Roman shades or custom blinds in Overland Park, KS will offer the perfect touch.

Thanks to motorization, you can roll up and down your coverings with ease. You can adjust them via remote controls, wall switches, timers, or even using your mobile phone. Using Somfy’s Smart Link, we can help make your motorized window treatments a part of your home automation.

Let’s treat your windows based on your lifestyle and your home’s needs. Call The BlindBroker now at (913) 562-2333, and tell us how you’d like your new window coverings.