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4 Fresh Window Treatment Tips You Should Try

Treating your windows is one way to make your interior more functional and attractive. Considering the limitations of your windows, the right treatment can enhance your space in unique ways. As a leading blind, drapery, shade, and shutter company in Lawrence, KS, The BlindBroker shares a few great tips on treating your windows. Regardless of the room, these ideas can spruce up your space:

Window Treatment

Be Simple

Minimalism is in. Veer away from using heavy fabric and choose simple, light coverings instead. Some treatments are too much for the eye, especially if you already have a lot going on your home design. One way to treat with less fabric is to use custom cornices. Wood is a great choice of material, as it adds more texture and diversity to your interior design.

Let More Light In

Using your windows to usher more sunshine is beneficial in many ways. Natural lighting lends drama to your spaces, while helping you save on energy. In light of energy efficiency, choose less opaque coverings. This doesn’t mean you’d have to give up privacy completely, though. Pleated shades and wood shutters in Kansas City, MO, allow plenty of illumination, while softening direct light and without revealing much of your interior from the outside.

Update Your Colors

If you’re buying new blinds or draperies, make sure they’re on a modern shade. Terra cotta treatments with a gray, green, or gold undertone offer contemporary charm. Of course, you have to think about the size of your space when choosing your color.

As an experienced shutter contractor in Lawrence, KS, we note that light hues make tiny rooms seem larger, while dark tones make oversized areas more inviting.

Go Curvy

Considering most interior design elements come in straight lines, adding more curves using window treatments bring more interest to your space. Arched cornices are the ultimate solution. If you already have high and wide drapes, top them with custom cornices to open up your space.

Let The BlindBroker help you choose and customize your window treatments. Call us now at (913) 562-2333, and let’s talk about your project.