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3 Smart Window Treatment Ideas for Bedrooms

Window treatments are an important element in any bedroom. They help stylize the space, control the light coming in, block the view for privacy, and create a romantic ambience. Not one type of window covering may roll all these functions into one, but a little creativity could achieve it.

Window Treatment

As the premier window treatment company in Wichita, KS, The BlindBroker shares with you a couple of smart ideas to dress up your bedroom with the right style of covering. These clever concepts will certainly light up some bulbs in your head:

Fuse Sheer and Opaque

Combining sheer and opaque fabrics make your window treatment amazingly multi-dimensional. In separate panels, pick similar designs for both functionally distinct draperies to have a sleek style.

During the day, the sheer panel will filter the entering sunlight and let you control the illumination it creates. At night, the opaque fabric can insulate your bedroom to minimize the sound and completely block the moonlight for a good night’s rest.

Cover the Wall from Ceiling to Floor

Ceiling-to-floor pleated window treatments in Kansas City, MO, can magically open up an otherwise small space. Just like large window glass, tall coverings can underscore the height of the room, instead of its limited width.

When it comes to color, mixing light and dark neutral hues brings a tender feeling of comfort as if you’re inside a cocoon. If your beddings are lined or plain, pattern your window coverings with mesmerizing geometric shapes to create a sense of balance in the room.

Optimize Layers

Forming layers of window treatments never fails to be brilliant. It’s a great move to supply the textures your bedroom still lacks, and introduce color that could set your wanted mood.

Hanging custom blinds in Overland Park, KS, with two panels of skinny drapes is always a winner. Following the rule of contrast, the fusion of plain and patterned window treatments makes a great blend.

Let us take your bedroom design to new levels. Call The BlindBroker now at (913) 562-2333 to talk about your window treatment design.