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3 Nifty Window Treatment Design Ideas You Should Try

Choosing your window treatment design is often challenging, especially for an average homeowner. You have to pay attention to details. Understand how your drapes, blinds, shutters can affect the other interior design components.

custom bedroom blinds

As there’s no shortcut to picking the perfect window treatments for your rooms, The BlindBroker shares some clever tips to give you a dose of inspiration:

Understand that Two Is Better Than One

Instead of sticking to a single type of style of treatment, use two for better flexibility. You might not often see custom blinds in Kansas City, MO, combined with blocks of draperies, but they can work.

The key is design diversity to make two treatments harmoniously coexist. Apart from height and width, make their palette, print, pattern contrast. This can add a distinctive charm to your space. As you can work with two different treatments with unique functions, you can use one for privacy, while the other for light filtering.

Consider More Textures

Window treatments are a great way to bring in new textures to your room. The addition of sleek shutters in Kansas City, Missouri, can make your space more interesting, as they will blend with your leather-upholstered cushions. In the same way, cotton blend drapes introduce a crisp feel in a room filled with soft furnishings.

Basically, the idea is to fuse a variety of textures into your space to avoid making it feel flat. If the texture of your window treatments only mimics those of your pieces, your room might seem bland.

Break the Rules

Your custom shutters in Kansas City, MO, shouldn’t share the texture of your wooden tabletop, then you should exactly do that. Nevertheless, rules of thumb are only mere guides in interior design, but breakable for the right reasons. If you still feel like going with floor-touching, patterned curtains despite already having heavily printed bed sheets, taking the risk might lead to a stylish reward.

Learn more ingenious ideas from The BlindBroker. Call us now at (913) 562-2333, and let’s talk about your window treatment design.