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5 Charming Window Treatments for Your Kitchen

Window treatments like plantation shutters, drapery, and shades can make a tremendous impact in your kitchen. The good news is, they don’t need to be expensive to achieve the right blend of style and function. Whether you’re aiming to improve your room’s lighting or freshen up its overall design, there are a multitude of options to suit your preferences. The BlindBroker shares five striking window treatment designs for your inspiration. These are great options for window treatments in Leawood, KS, and the Kansas City metro

Window Treatments

  1. Layered Effect. A simple way to add dimension to your kitchen is to pick a Roman shade and valance in the same fabric. This softens your design while protecting your furnishings from harmful UV rays. Furthermore, this can provide an elegant effect if you have a monochromatic scheme.

  2. Stunning Patterns. You can bring your minimalist kitchen to life with a splash of pattern. Placing a patterned valance above the window not only creates a focal point, but it can also tie together the rest of the design elements within the space. If you have a country-style kitchen, you can give it a finishing touch using an ornate scalloped valance.

  3. Seamless Shift. Looking for a low-maintenance alternative to drapery? Consider custom shutters. They can be customized to match your color scheme or furniture.

  4. Harmonized Charm. Fabric-based window treatments can help coordinate all the surfaces in the kitchen while injecting colors and patterns. You can extend the look by using matching textiles on barstools, chairs and even lampshades.

  5. Focus on Privacy. There’s no need to sacrifice style if you want to keep your kitchen free of prying eyes. Choose screening materials that allow daylight to pass through while blocking views from outside. Sheer shades are an excellent choice because they can provide the privacy you need while adding personality to the room.

As the premier shutter contractor, The BlindBroker can help create a healthy combination of style and function for your kitchen. We offer an extensive range of quality window treatments that will meet your needs. Call us at (913) 562-2333 for more information about our offerings. We serve multiple areas in Kansas and Missouri, including Kansas City, MO, and Overland Park, KS.