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5 Beautiful Window Treatments for Your Bedrooms

Window treatments can affect the comfort and aesthetic of your bedroom. They allow you to express your personal style and set the ambiance you want. With a plethora of options to choose from, choosing the right treatment may seem difficult. As the leading shutter contractor in Overland Park, KS, The BlindBroker shares five stunning ways you can spruce up your bedroom windows:

Window Treatments

  1. Mix and Match – You can combine a sheer and opaque drapery to set the right moods throughout the day. The sheer textiles can bathe your room with lighting, while the opaque panels help insulate noise. You can also combine plain drapery with patterned shades to add depth.

  2. Touch of Silk – Silk drapery panels offer a romantic atmosphere for your living space. You can incorporate pleats, crystals, or beads to enhance its luxurious beauty. Our state-of-the-art custom shutters in Kansas City, MO, can blend well with this treatment while offering you the privacy and comfort you need.

  3. Floor to Ceiling Treatments – These can make your bedroom feel grand and spacious. If you have a minimalist decor, you can opt for patterned drapes to liven up your space. Ensure to pick a design that complements your room’s color palette to achieve a harmonious appeal. With our extensive range of products, we can help you choose the best floor-to-ceiling window treatments that offer an unmatched visual impact.

  4. Natural Elements – Using organic shutters in Kansas City, Missouri, can bring the refreshing vibe of nature indoors. If you have a rustic interior, you can use them as a standalone for cohesiveness. You can also layer them with sheer linen panels to make an elegant statement.

  5. Metallics – Metallic fabrics layered in sheers can make a grand impression on your windows. You can use wood rods to add to its elegant look. If you have dark interior walls, drapes with intricate metallic patterns can achieve a sophisticated ambience in your room.

Look no further than The BlinkBroker for all your window treatment needs. With our vast experience, we know the best solutions that will optimize the beauty and functionality of your windows. Call us today at (913) 562-2333 or complete our form to schedule a consultation.