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6 Elements of Good Drapery Design

Drapes are a popular window treatment option that can improve light control, privacy, and ventilation in homes. They come in different styles and fabric that can affect the overall look of your window treatment. To help you create a good design, The BlindBroker recommends considering these elements.

1. Pattern Repeat

Repeating patterns look different on upholstered products compared with drapes. Upholstered fabrics display the full effect of the pattern on the fabric. For drapes, you need to consider the ripple effect of the pleats. A window treatment company in Kansas City, will recommend using tighter patterns for drapes. This way, the shape will repeat itself and match the print on the other drapery panel.

2. Panel Width

This refers to the width of a standard-sized drapery panel. This can affect the stack-back effect, or how the drapes will hang when pushed back from your windows. If you want to create a nice stack-back look, choose for a double-width sizing.

3. Break

Drape length is usually a personal preference. If you want your drapes free of dust, adjust them a few inches higher from the ground. For a dramatic look, opt for overlapping drapes. Keep in mind to have a consistent break throughout the drape length.

4. Lining

Putting lining on lightweight fabrics can ensure that the drape will hang well from your windows. On thicker fabric, lining provides a tailored effect. If you want to prevent light from coming inside your rooms, opt for a blackout liner.

5. Pleat Style

Pleats are the tailoring on top of a drapery panel. There are different pleat styles from which you can choose. If you want a gender-neutral style, go for an inverted box pleat. If you want to balance contemporary and traditional, opt for top-pinch tailored pleat.

6. Drapery hardware

This includes rings, hooks, and rods. For drapery rings, keep in mind that a single panel will require about eight rings. Manufacturers attach hooks to attach the panels to these rings. Make sure they stitch the rings at the back of the pleat for a clean look. As for rods, go for brackets that are wide enough to clear windows.

Now that you know the elements, let The BlindBroker helps you choose quality drapes for your home. We are your leading source for drapes, plantation shutters, and custom blinds in Shawnee, Olathe, Lawrence, Overland Park, KS and nearby areas. We can help you make the most of your window treatment through precise measurements, professional installation, and quality products.

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