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3 Trendy Window Treatment Ideas to Enhance Your Interior

Window treatments come in many forms, but your choice should always be trendy. From adding texture to your interior to creating your desired mood for the room, you have to know what’s hot—and not—to enhance the functionality of your windows in every single way.

Window Treatment

As the trusted shutter company in Wichita, KS, The BlindBroker shares some fresh ideas to cover your windows in style. Here are some of today’s window treatment vogues:

Blue Is the New Red

If you’re undecided of a specific hue to dress up your windows, you can’t go wrong with shades of blue. Experts say that this palette is turning out to be the new normal, the standard in modern interior design.

While brown remains the basic dominant color for any window coverings (along with tinges of gold or orange as jewel tones), ocean hues, such as soft green, teal, aquamarine, and soft lavender, are becoming ubiquitous in contemporary spaces.

Homeowners fall in love with the kind of soothing ambience only this palette could create, without giving up a sense of sophistication. Whether it’s with fine prints or a plain design, any drape or shutter contractor in Wichita, KS, would recommend this palette for its calming spell.

Bamboo’s Back

Metallic and sparkle ruled the scene for a while, but natural textures are officially making a comeback. Using bamboo coverings or decorative hardware beautifully brings a slight rustic feeling in modern spaces.

As more and more homeowners embrace sustainability and green interior design, nothing makes a statement better than wood shutters in Kansas City, MO.

Bold Never Gets Old

Even if sleek lines are everything these days, the immense popularity of bold prints never really wavered. From traditional florals to the geometric patterns, the vibrancy of the color would make the design pop and stand out.

Discover more great ideas to enhance your interior with hip window treatments. Call The BlindBroker now at (913) 562-2333 and tell us how you’d like your window coverings.