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Top 3 Benefits of Getting Custom Window Treatments

Custom window treatments are ideal to create the perfect fit and blending with your home. Additionally, they can protect your furnishings from sun damage and increase your home’s aesthetics and market value. Let The BlindBroker, the trusted expert in custom shutters in Kansas City, MO, discuss why opting for customized options are more beneficial.

Window Treatments


Window measurements vary up to 1.5” even though they look the same. To ensure precise fitting, customized window treatments require the exact size of your windows. When it comes to drapes, you can opt for a floor-length for a classic and tailored look. If you need to open and close them often, choose a shorter length and a wider width.

At The BlindBroker, we will take note of your preferences and personalize the size of your window treatments. We will make sure that your drapery, blinds, shades, or shutters in Kansas City, Missouri, fit seamlessly into the existing window.


These are highly important to the overall design. They need to blend well with the walls, bedding, and furnishings. Fabrics for upholstery and drapery from custom providers like The BlindBroker assure you of a better quality than generic fabric stores. With these stores, it is normal to encounter skewed patterns and other flaws.


Custom window treatments are designed to accentuate the theme or rhythm in the room. You can also advise your contractor to incorporate better control of light and privacy into the design. This is not something you can easily achieve by getting ready-made window treatments. Custom blinds in Kansas City, MO, and other treatments can better enhance a home’s functionality and aesthetics.

The purpose of window treatments is to increase your home’s comfort levels and value. The best way to ensure this is to get customized measurements, fabrics, and design. Let The BlindBroker guide you through this project. We can help you look for the right size and style to match your needs. Call us at (913) 562-2333 to learn about your options.