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Things to Consider When Choosing Shutters

Think your home needs an updated look? By investing in quality window shutters, you can dramatically change your home’s interior without the costly expenses. Selecting the right shutters for your home greatly enhances its overall appeal. Here are some of the things you should consider when selecting a shutter for your home:

Choosing Shutter

Your Home’s Theme

Not all shutter designs complement different home styles. When choosing your shutters, be sure to take into account the color or design scheme of your interior. This will help you determine the perfect units for your home. For example, if your interior design leans toward a polished look, you should opt for simpler shutter designs.

Shutter Materials

The wide range of materials for window shutters has varying benefits and appeal. Decorative fixtures can create an authentic look for your shutters, while paint can give old shutters a unique character. The BlindBroker offers a selection of high-quality shutters for your home. Our Graber® Traditions® Plantation Shutters are made from the North American hardwoods. They are available in an array of stains and finishes to complement your home. If none of our standard options suits your needs, our custom shutters can fit any unique window shape, including arched and round styles.

Meanwhile, our Graber Traditions Composite Shutters offer a classic and refined look with excellent durability. They will not warp, fade, crack, or peel, offering long-lasting protection. When closed, our composite shutters can effectively block harmful UV rays.

Shutter Colors

Your choice in shutter color must perfectly blend with your existing interior theme. When selecting a color, it’s important to note your home style. Black or white shutters adds a touch of elegance to traditional style homes. Meanwhile, modern homes will benefit from bolder hues such as a bright blue or a vibrant red shade.

Choose a color that complements the color of your window trim. Most homes have a color scheme with two or more shades. This means that you have to match the color of your windows and doors inside and choose a different one for your trim.

The BlindBroker is the leading shutter contractor in the area. You can consult our experts if you are unsure of what shutter to choose for your home. We are happy to help homeowners in Overland Park, Kansas City and various MO communities in Kansas City, Missouri. Give us a call at (913) 562-2333 to schedule a consultation.